On a blank slate

When all of the pieces have shattered, I guess there’s no way around it but be naked. You are too broken to be fixed, what’s there to be fearful of?
There’s always room for redemption, no matter what the situation is. Every day is an opportunity for a beginning. Every moment is a chance to get up and do it all over again. You can always find a blank slate and start doodling. Find as many slates as you need. There’s no prescribed magic number.
No matter what people say, tread your own path. Start the journey. They are not living your life, so what right do they have to tell you how to live? They do not experience your pains, what right do they have to tell you what’s right and wrong? At the end of it all, the rightness or wrongness of things is purely subjective. It’s all up to you.
Once you get on the road, once you start baring it all, owe up to every turn and detour. Take the more difficult path and accept responsibility for your actions. Be the bold one and live a life that’s yours.
This is my blank slate. It’s just the beginning.

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