Catching Up

2017 is coming to an end soon and with that, I’d like to wrap up the year that was. I know I haven’t been up in this part of the internet that much. Busy is such an over-used excuse, but it was what I’ve been the entire year. This is my version of catching up on things that I haven’t updated you on.

This year culminated a grueling quarter-life crisis that I had. It was tough, I tell you (and details to come in another post). 2016 wasn’t pretty and all the garbage spilled over the start of 2017. I felt worse than ever. My self-esteem took a huge plummet and I was in a more confused state. But we learn to rise from the ashes, don’t we?

Despite all the sadness at the start of the year, I’d like to say that 2017 was a good and definitely one for the books. I finally was able to quit my corporate job and become a freelancer full-time. It was a hasty decision since my health was failing at that time. I knew I had to do it. Although there are things that I could have done before jumping out to the open sea without any plan, I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

2017 was a year of realizations for me. It was in 2016 that my life started to shift 360. This year, everything came in full circle. I became pescatarian for health, animal welfare, and environmental reasons.  I grew disenchanted with the city life and the daily traffic. Then, I started to purge my belongings and realized I owned too much. I decided to give up my online store, Stills Analog, to focus on the bigger things in my life. I discovered that happiness cannot be achieved in a how-to guide prescribed by society. Happiness comes in various shapes and sizes. This year, I learned that some things had to happen no matter how painful or traumatizing they are. Lastly, I realized that it’s okay to be different. Just because you’re on a different path than the rest doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

This 2018, catching up will be a priority. As a freelancer, it can be easy to let time slip in front of you. It is way too easy to get side swept by the little things. You can easily forget to focus on the bigger things. I have to constantly remind myself that my hobbies and passion projects are important, too. Often, we need to carve in time for the people who matter and put in the time for catching up. Lastly, I need to realize that I’m important too. Burnout is real for freelancers as much as slacking off. Self-care should always be on top of the list no matter what.

I’m pretty excited about what’s to come this 2018. Mostly, it’s going to be about #adulting and getting things right. However, it’s also about riding the waves and cashing the horizons. You’ll definitely see me often in this part of the internet as I revamp and start coming up with ideas for my little internet home. What are you excited about for the new year?

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