Travel Alone

Do yourself a favor. Travel alone. Go somewhere you’ve never been. Go someplace without a friend. You’ll have me to thank when your trip’s over and done with.You might have a heavy heart. You might not know which path to take. It might be a quarter-life crisis. It might be some needed soul-searching. No matter where you are in this life, a solo trip will help you get the clarity that you need.

How to travel alone

You might think, where to? You might think, how come? A solo trip will start daunting as it is. However, as you go on with your journey, you realize there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Take it slow, if it’s that scary. You don’t need to go too far. It also doesn’t have to take that long. A few days on an island five hours from your hometown might help. When you have the guts, take that plane ride plus an eight-hour bus ride to the paradise you’ve never been. What’s important is committing to that trip like it’s the only redemption you’ve got.

Travel alone, even if it scares you. Travel alone, even if no one supports you. Depend on yourself alone for once in your life. Then, you’ll definitely see that your worries are minuscule to that of the world.

Do it for you

You’re doing yourself a big favor. Travel alone for you and to you. It’s not for the ‘gram. It’s not for show. When you take that step out of your comfort zone, you see things you don’t normally see. You discover your own vulnerability. This allows you to be in new situations. You meet new faces. You see new places. This is where you start opening up to the world and the people around you.

When you travel alone, you get to be in your own thoughts often. You’re forced to address those things that you’ve put in the backburner. You’re able to see yourself in a new light. This pushes your limits.

What’s interesting is that there’s magic with every solo trip you take. It’s like leaving home a little torn, but coming back a little whole. You find the answers to the questions you never meant to ask. You discover the healing and rest that your weary heart needed. Sometimes, all these come from the strangers who are willing to open their arms for you.

Traveling alone is more about self-discovery. Once you’ve done it, you see the beauty in every trip that you take. Every journey is different. It is always unique. It brings you closer to yourself in different ways. You unearth a different side of you. Then, you’ll see it’s not so bad to be alone.

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